Visa Gold Euro Exchange

Visa Gold Euro Exchange is a new kind of international conversion cards. This type of card is a premium and cardholders can use the privileges granted by International System Visa.

Similar to Visa Gold Euro this type of card is advantageous for people traveling to Europe. Cards are replenished through the conversion department.

Free services are an annual fee, SMS info for local and international numbers, 3D Secure (Verified by Visa) service.

To open Visa Gold Euro Exchange Card in KDB Bank Uzbekistan following actions are needed to be done

  • Application for opening Visa Card
  • Original identity document
  • The agreement between the bank and the individual

Working hours

  • Visa Card opening till 4 p.m 
  • Card Cash withdrawal till 4 p.m
  • Other Card Operation till 5 p.m


Card issuance

UZS 100,000


Annual fee

Free of charge


Security deposit

EUR 100


Card re-issuance due to expiry

Free of charge


Card re-issuance due to other reasons

UZS 100,000


Payment for goods and services

1% of the amount, Min. EUR 0.5 


Cash withdrawal

1% of the amount, Min. EUR 2