Fund transfer service in foreign currency

The Bank offers service on the transfer of funds abroad in foreign currency, both in main functional currencies (currencies that are more often subject of transactions) and in exotic currencies (currencies that are rarely used for transactions) without opening an account in foreign currency.

Process Description

1. Account Opening

Account in Uzbek Soum is opened according to the internal procedures of the bank when the client applies to the bank in person.

2. Account Replenishment

Client replenishes the account with the bank by depositing funds. At the same time, the replenishment amount should cover the equivalent amount of foreign currency, taking into account the fluctuation of exchange rates and the bank’s commission for transfers in foreign currency.

3. Fund Transfer

Client submits a payment order for the fund transfer in foreign currency in accordance with the form established by the bank.

4. Finalization of the Transaction

Client can receive the remaining balance of the deposited amount in Uzbek Soum after completion of the fund transfer.

Transfer Currencies

Fund transfers can be made in the following 25 currencies, including exotic currencies.

AUD Australian Dollar
CAD Canadian Dollar
AFN Afganistan Afghani
KGS Kyrgyzstan Som
BDT Bangladesh Taka
BGN Bulgarian Lev
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar
BRL Brazilian Real
MYR Malaysian Ringgit
HUF Hungarian Forint
PLN Polish Zloty
KRW Korean Won
RUB Russian Ruble
GEL Georgian Lari
SGD Singapore Dollar
AED UAE Dirham
TRY Turkish Lira
EGP Egyptian Pound
GBP UK Pound Sterling
ILS Israel Shekel
CZK Czech Koruna
INR Indian Rupee
CHF Swiss Frank
KZT Kazakhstan Tenge
JPY Japanes Yen

When sending funds in above listed currencies client can receive the remaining balance of the deposited amount in Uzbek Soum on the next day after completion of the fund transfer.

For more information, please contact Client Service Team