KDB Bank Uzbekistan is a principal member of the VISA international payment system since 1998 and offers Visa card issuing and acquiring services. Currently, the Bank offers to clients a range of products based on Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Business cards. From 2007, Bank is issuing Visa cards with a microchip, which are well known as “chip cards”. Bank offers its services in the acquiring market, generally for hotel, tourism, and air ticket sales services sectors.

We are committed to deploying available resources for further increasing the overall security of our Visa card business and meet the payment system`s requirements in this regard. Annually, KDB Bank Uzbekistan`s compliance with PCI DSS standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is confirmed.

To open Visa Card in KDB Bank Uzbekistan following actions are needed to be done

  • Application for opening Visa Card
  • Original identity document
  • The agreement between the bank and the individual

Working hours

  • Visa Card opening until 4 p.m 
  • Card Cash withdrawal until 4 p.m
  • Other Card Operation until 5 p.m


Card issuance

Free of charge


Annual fee

USD 50


Security deposit

USD 100


Card re-issuance due to expiry

Free of charge


Card re-issuance due to other reasons

UZS 50,000


Payment for goods and services

0.4% of the amount, Min. USD 0.8


Cash withdrawal

1.5% of the amount, Min. USD 2


Daily limit for cash withdrawal (by default)

USD 10,000


Daily limit for payments for goods and services (by default)

USD 10,000


Supplementary card issuance

Free of charge