Tender on the development of the Intranet system for use of the Bank

JSC "KDB Bank Uzbekistan" (“Bank”) invites IT companies to participate in the development of the Intranet system for use of the Bank.

We ask you to send a commercial proposal containing a technical and functional description and price list in one archived file in accordance with the project’s functionality, goals and objectives listed below,  until July 6, 2020, at the Bank's address: 100047, Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, st. Bukhara, 3.

The announcement of the tender results will be made by sending to the email addresses of the tender participants.


Goals and objectives of the project

  • ensuring centralized and operational control of the execution of documents;
  • ensuring the formation of relevant operational reports and the status of execution of the document at the current moment, reports on executive discipline, broken down by performers at the request of users responsible for control;
  • providing a centralized storage system of administrative documents and decisions made on them;
  • improving the efficiency of the execution of orders and instructions;
  • ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data generated as part of an interdepartmental workflow;
  • ensuring the process for interdepartmental coordination of electronic documents;
  • formation of a document approval sheet and its printing according to the approved form;
  • automation of the development, storage, and management of electronic document forms and electronic documents created on their basis;
  • functionality that allows you to quickly receive correctly executed electronic documents;
  • providing the ability to send and receive emails through secure email and inter-agency instant messaging in real-time.