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Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Payment Services

KDB Bank Uzbekistan offers payment services for the transfer of funds from customers' accounts and receiving payments for the benefit of customers, accompanied in some cases by the transfer of administrative documents and the provision of guarantees. The basis of payment services is non-cash settlements.

KDB Bank Uzbekistan offers the following types of operations:

  • Unibanks is a fully integrated multi-currency banking system based on specialized components that support a wide range of banking business functions. A fully integrated banking system that manages all business functions with one system presents several important advantages, such as, for example,
  • Customer-oriented system
  • Multiple services by one program
  • International standard solution
  • Operations in real-time
  • SWIFT - The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications provides a network that enables financial institutions around the world to send and receive information about financial transactions in a safe, standardized and reliable environment.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking is a convenient way to do banking from your office. Avoid the queue or delays and try our simple and secure Internet Banking facility for online banking experience. Internet Banking allows the Customer to read bank statements and originate payment orders and transferring funds by using the protection key.  The system of electronic banking introduced in our bank, is intended only for payment orders in local currency.

Office.Net Uzbekistan

KDB Bank Uzbekistan offers electronic banking software – Office.Net Uzbekistan which allows to initiate (to create / to authorize / to send) payment instructions in domestic and foreign currency and make conversion from your accounts in KDB Bank Uzbekistan.


Industry accepted security practices along with a multi-level authentication system have been put in place to authenticate your identity when you access Office.Net Uzbekistan and Internet Banking.

SMS Informing

Customers will be able to receive a short message when funds are credited to your accounts or when funds are transferred from your accounts by payments instruction performed through Internet Banking means or delivered by hand, the bank will send you a message for such a transaction.


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