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UZ Card

UZ Card

Advantages of plastic cards.

Gradually moving away from the society of salary through the cashier. On the electronic level moves payment of travel, salaries, household goods and petroleum products. Everyone already knows that credit cards are an effective and modern instrument. But is it safe to work with them, and how it's convenient?

Advantages of plastic cards for employers

Payroll, produced by non-cash method has several advantages. Efforts and risks for institutions reduced significantly. With the help of non-cash forms of payment procedure for issuing salary simplified spending cuts goes out to deliver the cash and the sheer volume of transactions at the checkout. Also completely solved the problem of storage of cash, which leads to lower costs for the equipment space directly under the counter. Staff also notes usability of plastic cards, since at this time formed an extensive network of payment terminals. Also currently actively developing and mobile payment systems, which can use the services without leaving your home, you just register your card at any of the payment systems.

Additional ease of use of plastic cards.

Credit card compact dimensions allow to keep it always with him, unlike conventional wallets intended for banknotes. Also on the card can store practically unlimited amount of money, which is an advantage when making large and expensive purchases.

Protection against loss of cash. In the case of lost or stolen credit card, it does not mean the loss of all funds. Enough to apply to the Department of the issuing bank and ask to block it.

The issuing bank, always keeps track of the costs of the map, so if necessary, cardholder may at any time request to the bank branch a list of all of the operations, or to obtain a list of recent transactions conducted through an excerpt from an ATM or payment terminal.

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