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Mobile banking

Mobile banking is a system of twenty-four hour monitoring  over movement of funds on a card account with the help of SMS - messages on your mobile phone for Visa cards issued by KDB Bank Uzbekistan.


Having connected to system “Mobile banking”, you will be able to receive the detailed information using the SMS messages on your mobile phone:

• about the status of your card account (cash balance) at any time of the day without visiting the Bank office;

• on each executed transaction in the trading network;

• on each executed transaction for cash withdrawals in ATMs and payment terminals.

Increasing the security:

• Anywhere in the world and at any time of the day using your mobile phone and “Mobile banking” from KDB Bank Uzbekistan, you will get an opportunity in real time to control the use of funds, to know the exact time and place of each executed transaction, which will considerably reduce the risk of unauthorized use of your money.

With the help of this service you can control the expenses of your children and loved ones on additional card.

 The provided information

 Text of the message

 About the operations in the trade-service network and for cash withdrawals at ATMs and payment terminals

 dd/mm/yy, hh:mm:ss on the map *XXXX transaction is made in the amount of 000.000 (currency code****) V*, **,***,

 the balance on the card 000.000

 About the balance on your account

 your balance 0000.0000 USD/UZS


* - name of the outlet

** - city trade point

*** - letter country code

**** currency code in which the transaction occurred

In order to obtain the card account balance, it is necessary to send SMS - request to number +99890 370 44 88

Text message:

Balance P: *#### (the balance will be shown in US dollars)

Balance P: *#### C:860 (the balance will be shown in Uzbek sums)

where#### - the last 4 digits of the card

Connection of main and additional cards to the service “Mobile banking” in your phone number FREE

The service is available for subscribers of GSM - operators of mobile communication.



 Name of service

 Commission amount



 Connection to Mobile banking

 2$ per month

 One local telephone number

 3$ per month

 One international phone number


 Connecting additional telephone numbers

 1$ per month

 For each additional telephone number

 2$ per month

 For each additional international phone number


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