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Details of deposit

Your deposit is guaranteed according to Presidential Decree №УП-3968 "On additional measures for liberalisation and guarantee of deposits in commercial banks" dated February 20, 2008 year and №УП-4057 "On additional measures to guarantee the protection of citizens’ deposits in commercial banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated November 28, 2008 year.                                                         

Your deposit:

  1. Is not declared
  2. Is released from taxes and other compulsory payments
  3. Is considered as a bank secret.

Nowadays our bank accepts demand deposits under the following terms:

  1. Currency:
    1. Uzbek soum
    2. US Dollar
    3. Euro
    4. British Pound Sterling
  2. Duration: Unlimited
  3. Deposit amount: Unlimited
  4. Replenishment of deposit: The customer has the right to replenish
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